Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something New

We've been sitting back waiting, watching, praying and seeking God's plan for our family over the course of the past year. On January, 1st, 2010 (the 365th day following the moment that I first felt the inklings of something new breathed into my spirit) we surrendered to what had been on our hearts for some time...

To move our family back to Dallas, TX.

I would love to tell you that it is for reasons "x", "y", and "z," but the truth is that it goes far deeper than the lure of a "great opportunity." It's simply a matter of positioning, peace and obedience. The "why" will come later (maybe years later), but in this moment, we know beyond any shadow-of-a-doubt that we just have to go.

I could write a more eloquent explanation, but for the past few weeks my words have been few. My heart is filled with excitement for all of the mountains that I see moving, but saying goodbye to my friends and my family will be tremendously difficult. The Lafayette area has been "home base" for me for a good majority of my life. I always had a feeling that we would end up back in Texas, but not yet-- and not Dallas. But here we are. And it's good. It's peaceful. It's just perfectly right.

Jeremy leaves to drive down to Dallas on Friday of this week for two scheduled interviews next week. Both seem very promising, but one in particular feels uniquely suited for Jeremy. Please pray. We want God's best.

This week we've been packing boxes and taking down the decor from our walls. I thought that it would be accompanied with endless tears, but so far the packing has brought sweet joy and freedom. I'm so thankful. ...and I can wait just a little bit longer for the tears.

Once we have the green light (aka a firm job offer), I'll post and invite you all to join us on the journey. Until then, I'll probably remain relatively quiet. But I can promise that it will be quite an adventure. And adventures are no fun when you make them alone. I love you guys.



  1. happy for you, kirsten. and praying. always praying!

  2. I really miss Dallas sometimes! I could never convince Chris to move back. :) We love Charlotte, NC too much. I am glad you two have a peace and Chris and I will be praying for Jeremy's job interviews.

  3. I look forward to seeing what God's best for the Smith family is next. I love and admire your obedience! Abundant blessings will follow, he promises.

  4. So something that was a gigantic moment in my life is when we moved here to Nashvegas and left our families in Arkansas. The scripture that was so big to us was that Abraham left the tents of his father and went to a land and people he didn't know - it was his land of blessing. I had to cling tight to that during our transition.

    The "tents of my father" was his favor, his covering, his mechanic, his hairstylist, his grocery store, everything familiar - but in it was abundant blessing. Moments of overwhelming lonliness and frustration - but ultimately, overwhelming favor and blessings...

    Too bad he didn't call you kids to Nashvegas. Praying for both of you during the transition...

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