Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Texas Showers

Is there any legitimate reason in the world
that kids shouldn't experience the pure bliss of playing in a rainshower?

I don't think so.

This our Wednesday.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

bits of my weekend- vol. 1

I've been silently following Michelle over at Six in the City for quite a while now. Seriously, I live vicariously through their adventures in NYC. I think that living in New York just might be the most foreign way of life that I can imagine-- a hut in Africa would probably seem a little more familiar to me! It's strange. It's fascinating. It's weird. It's...fabulous! (It's probably the introvert in me that begins hyperventilating when I consider sharing my laundry room with 300 strangers [give or take a few].)

On to more important matters, Michelle has invited her readers to share "bits of 'their' weekends" on our own blogs. So here I am-- 18 weeks later. Don't judge me.

Peyton had his friend sleepover. They did a fantastic job including Parker. Way to go, Big Brother. You score major points for that one!

While the kiddos (and Daddy) lounged and watched a movie, I got creative. I even have my own little sewing space now. Love it! --complete with raspberry, strawberry, vanilla iced tea from the Anchorage Cafe at Mercy Ships HQs just around the corner from our neighborhood. Double love it!!

My night of cutting and stitching unveiled!

On to Sunday: The beach...and then two clean kiddos munchin' on Teddy Grahams.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sew Love Transform



{Create }

This is how I spent my Friday night: Sewing.

Peyton had a friend sleepover.

Parker wished that her friend, Helene, was here *so sad!*
(she has also asked for Ruby and Andy and Claire multiple times too)

Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary is therapeutic. It's joy.
It reflects the yearning in our spirits.

Just look what can happen to an out-grown, plain-white tank top when you share a little love--
I can only imagine what happens to a shriveled-up, lonely-old soul when you do the same.

~Be Change. Live Love~

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quilt Blocks...Fun!

I {heart} sewing.

In case I haven't shared with you all before, let me just tell ya...sewing is so cool!

I'm participating in an online quilting bee called "Live, Laugh, Bee..." {check out the button on the right!}

...and these are my first attempts at quilt blocks!

None of these are for me, but my turn comes in November! I think that it might just be the right time to finally break down and buy some Darla by Tanya Whelan. {wink}

In other news, my creative space is severely limited in our new house. My family may just have to permanently eat picnic breakfast, lunch and dinners on our living room floor. {Thank you for your sacrifice sweet family ;)}

On to working on some goodies for Parker tomorrow!

What have *you* been up to lately that inspires your creativity?
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Like Papa, Like Peyton

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I'm not quite sure which kid is more excited to live the cowboy life, but around these-here parts I have two rootin' tootin' ranch-hands!

Seriously? It's too stinkin' cute!

Um, please pardon the construction on my blog. You know that unkempt room that you never want to enter in your house because it just makes you crazy? Well, that's pretty much how I've felt about my blog. I still sorta do, but this temporary makeover is giving me a boost.

For the past two weeks my mom and dad have been here visiting with us. It was awesome! We can't wait until they make Hideaway, TX their permanent home. :) In unfortunate news, I sorta forgot to take pictures while mom and dad were here-- except for a few adorable shots of Peyton and Papa looking just alike (I'll post those later!)

So my plans for this week?
1. Sign Peyton up for science camp! Check this out
for details if you live in the area. I'm going to try to enroll P in the 'Mad Scientist Lab' the week of July 5th! So fun! (He earned this camp privilege by taking his oral steroid this week-- because he was officially diagnosed with asthma. Yech!)
2. Make a Facebook shout-out to all of our friends to join us *this* Sunday night at the Skyvue Drive In to see Toy Story 3! (Texas friends, consider yourselves invited!)
3. Clean the house
4. Spend lots of time at the beach and the swimming pool-- study materials in hand (see #7)
5. Work on two quilting blocks for the Live, Laugh, Bee that I'm participating in this year! (check out the linky!)
6. Start working on a tank-dress and coordinating bow for Parker
7. Get my driver's license, passport and CPR certification updated because WE'RE taking a BUNCH of crazy teenagers to Matamoros, Mexico next month! Suh-weet! {details on that later too!}
8. Too many more things to post...If I write them all down now, I'll even overwhelm myself. Suffice it to say, I will be a busy momma this week!

Oo-k. Gotta go. Battery is about to die and my charger is in the other room. Love you all!