Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quilt Blocks...Fun!

I {heart} sewing.

In case I haven't shared with you all before, let me just tell ya...sewing is so cool!

I'm participating in an online quilting bee called "Live, Laugh, Bee..." {check out the button on the right!}

...and these are my first attempts at quilt blocks!

None of these are for me, but my turn comes in November! I think that it might just be the right time to finally break down and buy some Darla by Tanya Whelan. {wink}

In other news, my creative space is severely limited in our new house. My family may just have to permanently eat picnic breakfast, lunch and dinners on our living room floor. {Thank you for your sacrifice sweet family ;)}

On to working on some goodies for Parker tomorrow!

What have *you* been up to lately that inspires your creativity?
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