Monday, June 28, 2010

bits of my weekend- vol. 1

I've been silently following Michelle over at Six in the City for quite a while now. Seriously, I live vicariously through their adventures in NYC. I think that living in New York just might be the most foreign way of life that I can imagine-- a hut in Africa would probably seem a little more familiar to me! It's strange. It's fascinating. It's weird. It's...fabulous! (It's probably the introvert in me that begins hyperventilating when I consider sharing my laundry room with 300 strangers [give or take a few].)

On to more important matters, Michelle has invited her readers to share "bits of 'their' weekends" on our own blogs. So here I am-- 18 weeks later. Don't judge me.

Peyton had his friend sleepover. They did a fantastic job including Parker. Way to go, Big Brother. You score major points for that one!

While the kiddos (and Daddy) lounged and watched a movie, I got creative. I even have my own little sewing space now. Love it! --complete with raspberry, strawberry, vanilla iced tea from the Anchorage Cafe at Mercy Ships HQs just around the corner from our neighborhood. Double love it!!

My night of cutting and stitching unveiled!

On to Sunday: The beach...and then two clean kiddos munchin' on Teddy Grahams.


  1. Parker looks SOOO happy! lol. You did an excellent job. Your creativity makes me smile :)

    love ya babe!


  2. Wow, you did an excellent job on the sewing!

    I'm hoping for a vacation to the beach this summer!