Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sew Love Transform



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This is how I spent my Friday night: Sewing.

Peyton had a friend sleepover.

Parker wished that her friend, Helene, was here *so sad!*
(she has also asked for Ruby and Andy and Claire multiple times too)

Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary is therapeutic. It's joy.
It reflects the yearning in our spirits.

Just look what can happen to an out-grown, plain-white tank top when you share a little love--
I can only imagine what happens to a shriveled-up, lonely-old soul when you do the same.

~Be Change. Live Love~

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  1. Wow, you made this?? LOVE it!!! Might have to hire you someday to make something special for Zi. Maybe for a first birthday. This is so sweet.