Monday, September 26, 2011

A Book, Fabric and Tanya Whelan

If you've been lurking around my blog for very long, you might remember that I have had a slight obsession with Tanya Whelan's "Darla" fabric line. It's amazing. I ordered yards and yards of it last year to make myself a quilt. Sad to say, I haven't made that quilt yet (but don't's coming for sure in the near future).

In the meantime, I want to show you this awesome book by Tanya Whelan. It's called Sew What You Love.

Will you show this book some love and head over to Barnes and Noble or Amazon to order your copy today? Check it out-- and then let me know what you love too!

*If you're interested in a free pattern-- and helping promote this great book, visit this post for details!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Country Air

This is the landscape that fills my dreams. These are the fields that bring deep still peace. The barnyard smells meander from a neighbor farm--hidden by corn and dirt and air.

Toads hopscotch down the gravelly drive. The silver grain bin holds treasure like an attic wonderland. Memories of days past float by in echos on the wind.

Hot dog roasts and home churned ice cream in the circle. I was maybe four. Too little to remember anything except the perfect simplicity of family laughing together. Joy of living-- near. Together.

It always draws me in. Like a magnet from the deep rich soil. Is my heart a compass?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Moment

Calendar filling-- square by square blue ink overcomes white space.

Blossoming life in stark contrast to the blank pages of the recent past.

Life marches on. Time never waits.

Wavering. Wondering. Hoping. Savoring.

Standing on the edge of something. Details still a haze. All joy present in the goodness of His provision.

Rest in the chaos. Blissfully simple life...

Unknown withstanding.

This post written to link up with The Extraordinary Ordinary's "Just Write" challenge. Join in?! Pretty please?

Just Write

Friday, September 9, 2011


During the 16 months that we spent down in Texas, I basically forgot what "overcast" looked like. You see, I'm especially fond of sunshine. But, I'll admit that it makes a grin spread across my face to look out the window on this particularly cloudy day and remember...the sunshine is just hiding behind the clouds. It hasn't left. 

How's that for a promise?

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The excitement and adrenaline of our big cross-country move has finally started to ebb a bit today. I knew that the moment would come, but I was hoping that another surge of "new" would carry us on through the home stretch.

You know: New state. New job. New place to call home. (the flow)

Instead, we're still just waiting patiently. The job hunt wheels are turning-- and that is encouraging for sure. But as we wait, our family is all spread out. Peyton is staying with my mom and dad because of his allergies while we're hunkering down with Parker out at my grandparent's house. It's such a blessing, yet we're all a bit off-kilter. There's just something irreplaceable about a routine.

We started homeschooling just this morning, and I'll admit, while it went swimmingly, it was a bummer to not have access to my drawers of supplies, my dry-erase board, wall-calendar, etc. But we're trudging forward. This time I'm not waiting on all of the pieces to be in place before we keep marching on (in a good sort of way).

We walk by faith, right?! He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it. What an encouraging promise. Amen...let the river flow.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cousins and Mud Pies

This is Parker (and Peyton's) cousin, Claire. Claire is 4 months older than Parker. She's actually MY first cousin, but because of crazy age differences between us all in the family, she's my kiddos age! How fun is that?!

Parker and Claire decided to make some mud pies today 4-year-old style. Um...yum.

Time for a shower...

...with the hose! When the 100 degree heat follows you from Texas up to Indiana, you have to enjoy the sunshine and sprinkler time while you can. And after all, isn't that what Aunts are for? Thanks, Aunt Lori! 

(She's my aunt... and she just made the big[ger] move from Arizona back to Indiana-- we're all migrating back home! Yay! She's also my *much taller* twin.) 

Tomorrow the fun continues! 

In other news, we have the wireless internet all set up out here in the country, so hopefully I can pick back up on the blogging. I miss you all. ;)