Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cousins and Mud Pies

This is Parker (and Peyton's) cousin, Claire. Claire is 4 months older than Parker. She's actually MY first cousin, but because of crazy age differences between us all in the family, she's my kiddos age! How fun is that?!

Parker and Claire decided to make some mud pies today 4-year-old style. Um...yum.

Time for a shower...

...with the hose! When the 100 degree heat follows you from Texas up to Indiana, you have to enjoy the sunshine and sprinkler time while you can. And after all, isn't that what Aunts are for? Thanks, Aunt Lori! 

(She's my aunt... and she just made the big[ger] move from Arizona back to Indiana-- we're all migrating back home! Yay! She's also my *much taller* twin.) 

Tomorrow the fun continues! 

In other news, we have the wireless internet all set up out here in the country, so hopefully I can pick back up on the blogging. I miss you all. ;)

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