Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The excitement and adrenaline of our big cross-country move has finally started to ebb a bit today. I knew that the moment would come, but I was hoping that another surge of "new" would carry us on through the home stretch.

You know: New state. New job. New place to call home. (the flow)

Instead, we're still just waiting patiently. The job hunt wheels are turning-- and that is encouraging for sure. But as we wait, our family is all spread out. Peyton is staying with my mom and dad because of his allergies while we're hunkering down with Parker out at my grandparent's house. It's such a blessing, yet we're all a bit off-kilter. There's just something irreplaceable about a routine.

We started homeschooling just this morning, and I'll admit, while it went swimmingly, it was a bummer to not have access to my drawers of supplies, my dry-erase board, wall-calendar, etc. But we're trudging forward. This time I'm not waiting on all of the pieces to be in place before we keep marching on (in a good sort of way).

We walk by faith, right?! He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it. What an encouraging promise. Amen...let the river flow.

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