1. I married the love of my life.
2. We met as interns with a global ministry in Texas when I was 19.
3. We have a 6-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter who are the love of OUR life together.
4. I decided to homeschool when our son was 3.
5. When kindergarten rolled around, we sent him to a privately run YWAM school (it was AWESOME)
6. But we're still going to homeschool next year. ;)
7. Our son loves to astonish us with his vocabulary and communication skills
8. Our daughter is a ragamuffin princess. I've never seen a little girly-girl who can get so messy!
9. I'm an introvert (an INTJ-- in case inquiring minds want to know)
10. I don't like to squabble over differing opinions. If you respect mine, I will certainly respect yours. If you don't, I might lose sleep over our inability to come to a common ground.
11. I write...in silence.
12. We're just waiting to add more kids to our family.
13. Hopefully one of them will come from Uganda.
14. I thought I was bound to climb the corporate ladder. Then, I had a baby, and my heart was transformed.
15. Now my dreams revolve around cooking dinners, curriculum planning, crafting and spending precious time with friends and family.
16. I'm a Hoosier transplant living in Texas at the moment.
17. I'm a reformed vegetable hater and processed food addict. I now entertain thoughts of Vegan, GFCF and other clean diets. It's a modern miracle in our little world.
18. Fabric makes me happy. My goal is to run an online fabric studio eventually.
19. I love flip flops.
20. I think that Disney World really is the happiest place on Earth.

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