Tuesday, July 6, 2010


(and even that isn't quite emphatic enough...)

Tonight, July 6, 2010-- The angels rejoiced-- moreover, they partied like it was 1999 (or something like that) as they inscribed the name "Peyton Calloway Smith" in the Book of Life!!!!

This is for you my son:

Dearest Peyton,

From the moment God placed you in my womb, I've prayed for your heart to belong completely and fully to Him. Even though I want to hold you close, hear your giggles, kiss your sweet cheeks and listen to your boundless questions every single day that I have left on this Earth, my heart knows that you are mine to hold only for a season. And when that season ends, I've longed to know that we will be together on the other side of eternity.

Tonight, my deepest prayer for your life was answered. You decided that you want to be God's friend and commit your entire life to loving Him and making His love known to the world. You have asked so many deep and introspective questions for such a long time. Yet, even though you asked question after question-- and told us repeatedly that you loved Jesus-- you knew that something was incomplete. And so you kept seeking. You kept praying. You trusted us to share everything that we know about our Father with you-- and we did, we are and we ALWAYS will.

Tonight you and Daddy sat out on the back porch with a caramel Drumstick and you asked some very pointed questions about being baptized. Daddy patiently answered your questions.

When it came time for me to tuck you in, you told me that you wanted to say the "special" prayer. I checked and made certain that you understood what it meant-- that "the prayer" in and of itself is just words, but the commitment that you make in your heart to enlist in God's army (just like Teddy in Teddy's Button) means everything.

You went and got Daddy and we all three sat on your bed as you shared your heart with us. Daddy helped guide the words of your heart-- and you responded with the most sincere acknowledgment in prayer that I have ever seen from you, precious son. As I sat beside you, holding your hand, and with tears streaming down my face, I realized that *this* is why I am a mommy. To lead you to the heart of God-- and to be an example of how we, together, help lead other people to Him too.

Afterward, you were smiling the BIGGEST smile ever. It was a new smile-- and it was contagious. You were giddy with excitement. You told me that God gave you your new smile.

You asked if you could call Halley [Skidmore] tomorrow to tell her, and I said, "of course." You also asked if Pastor Randy could baptize you. Since we are all the way down in Texas right now, this is going to be QUITE the undertaking, BUT it is soooo worth it. We'll do everything that we can to make it happen-- I pinky promise, Peyton!

Next, you called Mama and Papa (more phone calls are coming in the morning-- Jeremy and I were in the middle of a conference call so we couldn't share the news personally with anyone else tonight) and they had just prayed for you when they crawled into bed. Isn't that awesome?

To cap off the night, as I was leaving your room, you asked, "Is God in it [my heart] now?" To which I replied,"He sure is!" You (in your typical Peyton-y way) responded, "I guess He's moving all of His stuff in!"

And you couldn't be more right.

I love you. I am so proud of you. The Holy Spirit working in your heart will transform your life. What an adventure we have ahead. I'm in for the entire ride-- always and forever...for all of eternity.

Your favorite mommy

PS Daddy said that was the most important ice cream dessert ever!


  1. truly, truly a special night. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to lead my son to Jesus tonight. Wow. That's all I can say :)

    beaming -
    Peyton's favorite Daddy

  2. My heart is so full, and my eyes are leaking the overflow of a grateful heart. :) What an AWESOME night!

    Welcome to the family, Peyton! I love you!


  3. what an awesome night. Every parents prayer answered. God bless and congratulations.
    Mike Garvey

  4. Ohh I so love this Kirsten and Jeremy, we loved watching you as the beautiful parents you are and enjoyed Peyton and Parker so much. This is the fruit of all the purposeful ways you parent and love him and I am so thankful for God's perfect plan and that Peyton will be with us in eternity. AHHH I love that special boy and am so excited to see all that God holds for him and you all. So thrilled and full of rejoicing with the angels!!!

  5. That is fantastic! So happy for your mommy heart, Kirsten! :) Your beautiful post made me cry!

  6. So amazing. So wonderful. My heart is so happy for you, my friend! :) - Emily

  7. I was thinking of when you and Jeremy got married and I knew that you two were very special people. Your wedding was the most holy that I have ever witnessed between two people. I am so proud of the way you live your life and your children are so blessed to have parents like you. You are also blessed to have children like them. May the rest of your life be filled with many, many more blessings.

  8. tears. beautiful. love you guys. miss you tons. welcome Peyton to the family:)

  9. This precious moment made me tear up as I remembered 25 years ago when my little guy did the same thing. God's blessings to you and your family!