Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday Bloggity Blog

Happy Monday, friends!

I'm so glad that this Monday is off to a great start for the Smith family. How about yours? Did you know that I have categorically found the trick for warding of nasty cases of "the Mondays"? Really. It's true. You wanna hear???........


Here goes......

Have your home and heart in order *before* Monday morning! There. Voila! Done.

If you simply take the time to prep for the week, all of the things that have to happen don't seem quite so overwhelming.

In fact, I'm off to throw in some laundry, play a few puzzles, finish those 25 headbands that I need to complete, eat lunch with my girlie, cozy in for some precious Jesus time, and maybe even clean a couple bathrooms!

If I had to look at a huge pile of unfolded laundry or walk over toys this morning, I would already feel too overwhelmed to dive in. But tidiness helps me scale the mountain of chores. Whew.

You know, maybe if my mom (who is a certified neat-nik), would have explained why being so clean all the time was such an advantage, it wouldn't have taken me 30 years to get into a working groove. ;)

In other news, we *really* need another vehicle, but we are doing our darnedest to steer clear of vehicle debt. Prayers are appreciated. Please and THANK-you very much! I'm motorin' all over East Texas taking kiddos to the bus stop, hubby to work, Peyton to soccer practice, etc...but, I'm considering it all joy in the meantime. We're in a great place. Lovin' this beautifully complex life.

Have a sweet Monday!

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