Monday, September 13, 2010

The Start of Something New...

If you follow the adventures of the Smith family, then you know that we have been on this whirlwind roller-coaster of living life filled with obedient expectation of whatever God had in store over the course of the last (almost) two years. For our family it meant stepping out of comfort and into the unknown. It meant packing our bags, selling our house, saying goodbye to our friends and family and moving across the country from Indiana to Texas without knowing "why," but trusting the peace that told us we had to go.

That all sounds well-and-good, and it WAS well-and-good. But once we were here, we knew that we were still waiting for the completion of this chapter. It still hadn't arrived entirely, but we could confidently say that we were situated for the next action-- for whatever was ahead.

Well, over the past few weeks, the rest of the chapter was written. And, as of today, a new chapter has begun. Instead of writing a novella, let me just bullet point. (Don't you love bullet points? I do. Nice and efficient!)
  • Peyton started school this year at Christian Heritage-- as school run by YWAM. His teachers are all missionaries who choose to serve OUR children by pouring Christs love on them. While I had fully planned to homeschool, for Peyton this has been the perfect environment. And for those of you who really know us well, the teacher had no idea that Peyton was ever a *ahem* handful!!
  • With one kiddo in school and another kiddo who is easy-peasy, I've found myself with a lot of time on my hands during the day. So in order to fill the space, I jumped into three separate ventures. (It's like throwing spaghetti against a wall, right? Just give it a shot and see what sticks!)
  • I signed up as an Independent Consultant with Tastefully Simple. While TS is everywhere in Indiana, it's still relatively unknown in Texas. I couldn't think of a product that jibes more closely with my lifestyle! I love the products-- and I get to meet new people in my community. Perfect!
  • I am also working on a line of custom designed children's clothing and accessories called Peyton Lane- Ador{n}able Custom Clothing and Accessories. It's fun, but I haven't had a huge chunk of time to get that ball rolling as quickly as I would like. I'll link you to my, as of yet, empty, etsy store. Maybe it will light a fire to get some things up asap!
  • I have also joined forces again with The Winn Group. I will work on some copy writing and help them to establish a public relations arm of the company. It should be a grand adventure. My heart is to see the Winn Group continue to grow and prosper-- they have been an enormous blessing to our family and we hope to continue to give back to the Winn Group for years and years to come.
  • And here is the BIG news...
As of this morning, Jeremy is serving as the Director of Strategic Marketing for Teen Mania Ministries!

In addition to his new role with TMM, Jeremy will continue to work with The Winn Group. This is going to be a season filled with adjusting to new schedules, new obligations and finally settling ourselves into life in East Texas. I will keep you posted (or at least *try* to keep you posted) with more updates on our everyday life as it happens.

Thank you for praying us through this season of transition. Now we're just looking forward to a season of settling in. Becoming content-- without ever growing complacent-- is our desire. Please pray that for our family-- that we would always look more and more like Jesus.

I sure do love you guys!


  1. :) Love you. - Emily

  2. wow. amazing. God is beyond our imaginations in such a huge way. love you guys. excited for the future He's planning for you. happy:)

  3. Dear Kristen,

    I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Pioneer Beauty..I see that you not only joined in on the fun but you saw the Urgent Prayer Request Need...Yes..please do pray for this dear family...I do look forward to visiting with you again over at Pioneer Beauty and I pray that your time there is Blessed..I also saw that you do work on Children's Clothing,,,I have my own Business and will be launching a Business Blog as well...soon I hope you stop by...I do have a dress and some dolls I make on one of my post...Walkin,Teaching Training Daughters..
    I pray your night is blessed
    In Christ