Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, welcome 2012!

I can honestly say that I have never, ever, ever been so thankful to see a year pass. I don't tend to be one who wishes away time or looks so forward to the future that I forget to live in the moment, but that said, "SO LONG 2011!" Adios, au revoir, sayonara.

2012, I welcome the fresh start that you bring! I woke up with "no brush necessary" hair, the sun poked out from behind the clouds and both children are peacefully napping. I'd say that all signs point to "it's going to be a fantabulous year."

In keeping with the fresh start, I've decided reinvigorate the blog. It isn't a resolution, it's just that I want an outlet for my heart and I really do enjoy sharing on this blog. Truth be told, the past three years have changed me so much that I'm a little hesitant to step back out and reintroduce myself. But I've come to the conclusion that it's either hide away or open up. I (still a little hesitantly) choose the latter.

So these are my terms and conditions: I commit to be vulnerable, honest and open with you. Please remember that the things that I share come directly from a very fragile and recovering heart. My posts are not up for debate. Of course, we don't have to share the same thoughts, opinions or ideas, but I won't ever go on the defensive. I will always graciously and openly appreciate our differences.

My heart is spilling over with gratitude for the way the Lord has rescued us this year. So this year as I blog I think I'll include in many posts an ongoing list of the things that I'm thankful for.

1. Holidays with my family

2. Clouds- they make me appreciate the sunshine 
3. A warm house
4. Vacuum cleaner attachments
5. Strawberry raspberry vanilla iced tea
6. The Message version of the Bible
7. Toothless grins 
8. "Friday night" friends
9. My Nana and Papa
10. Encouragement from long-distance friends


  1. Glad you're back! Excited to hear more from you :) <3

  2. I've really missed you and I look forward to hearing from your heart....may God truly bless your 2012 and you feel safe to share your honest heart's thoughts and feelings :) I know I'm a bad friend cause friends make time for one another...but just know I send my love.

  3. I love your Thankful list! So glad you still have your Nana and Papa. That is a beautiful blessing indeed. Wishing you a very beautiful year. Blogging is certainly theraputic for me. I hope you can continue and you find it a blessing also : )

  4. Love you! :) - Emily M.