Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm *sorta* back in action. My blog needs a serious face-lift, but I'm momentarily content with a semi-personalized fresh canvas.

Right now I'm sipping on a hot cup of coconut milk hot chocolate that I just concocted-- and it's good stuff! We're casein free now which = no milk, milk products or a myriad of processed foods. Another week or two and gluten is most likely taking a hike too.

Peyton's behavior last night and today has been a 180 from what we've been experiencing- so I'm tentatively calling it a success. {and the best news is that Peyton says he's a-ok with it because he feels "a lot" better}

Maybe I'll post a series on our journey with Peyton's health and healing-- it's a story that started when he was less than a week old-- we just didn't know then.

What'cha think?

More to come...ideas are tumblin' around this noggin of mine!

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