Thursday, February 17, 2011

White Walls...Colored Walls {HELP}

I'm loving my new desk/office space! While I'd love to pretend that it's done, let's not kid ourselves, m'kay?

I thought that was really loving the white walls too (although it's obvious that they need a fresh coat of paint), but well, as they say "pictures never lie." And this picture is telling me "the walls need paint!"

So this is where I need your help... the "blogs and tea" print in the last picture is my color palette inspiration. That said, what color would YOU pick for the walls? To give you some perspective, this is technically our "dining room." It's immediately to the right when you walk in the front door, so the primary splashes of color really need to come from the decor rather than the walls.

That said, HELP PLEASE?!
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  1. I really think you should go with a yellow...not too much but it will def liven it up...our entire kitchen and living area are yellow and i have the same additional colors u have in that pic and it looks great...just a thought