Tuesday, August 9, 2011

City Craft, Dallas {Day 28}

So by now I can safely assume that you are all sitting on pins-and-needles just waiting to hear all about my trip to City Craft, right? Ok, ok...maybe not. But regardless, here it comes. If fabric doesn't make you feel all tingly with excitement, feel free to breeze right on by today. 

Here's how it all began. So there's this little blog that I follow. Her name is Dana. She makes things. LOTS of things. Hence the name of her blog. MADE. Well, a few weeks ago, Dana blogged about "Shopping for fabric in Texas," (click the link. read it. it's good news.) and when she highlighted a fabric store in none other than my SMU years neck-of-woods (seriously, I'm pretty sure that no one who lives around there uses terms like "neck-of-the-woods", but I'm a country girl from Indiana, so I get a pass), I knew I had to get there-- and soon!

Without further ado, I present: City Craft

Table of books, patterns and sale fabric scraps! Delish!

Eye Candy

Ribbon...be still my beating heart.

Pattern wall

I even spotted my favorite fabric ladies patterns!

Loved this display. There was a jelly roll down there that I should've snagged. I can't even remember what line it was, but I think a trip back is in order.

Huge rolls of laminated prints. I foresee a a hand made rain slicker in Parker's future.

One happy, happy bloggin' momma!

Listen to Dana! Go to City Craft (or you can order from them online). My only disappointment was that they only had a teeny tiny selection of knits-- and I'm feeling partial to knits these days. But the good news is, I came home with this: 

 I'm about to hop into the sewing room now to start on the first piece of Parker's Winter Wardrobe!

(P.S. Please forgive the icky photography. I only had my phone camera...but let's be honest, it wouldn't have been any better with my little point-and-shoot either. I'm patiently waiting to find a good camera one of these days. Until then, you get to be the recipient of laughable photography. Enjoy the giggles.)


  1. looks like fun!!! Wish I was beginning such a fun exciting project! Alas, there is no room right now for such a venture. Not to mention, I do not have the clothes sewing skills that you do, though I do dabble in skirts and such. Can't wait to see Parker modeling the new duds!

  2. Thanks, Lacy! I did run in to one teeny-tiny problem when I went to get started on it today. I bought the pattern for size 5+ (thinking that I might have to minimally alter it down to fit Parker who wears a 4), but when I started taking P's measurements, some of her measurements were like 6-12 months! Wowza!!! She's tall, but SKINNY, so trying to get everything to fit well is for sure going to test my skills. I started on a different piece in the meantime until I can round up a smaller Oliver + s pattern! ;)