Friday, August 19, 2011

Love People

(Please forgive my lack of regular posts at the moment, with a impending move NEXT THURSDAY, blogging has fallen to near the bottom of my priority list until we're all moved and settled. I'll do my best to pop in when I can between now then, ok? In the meantime, maybe I'll go back and re-post some of the oldies but goodies!)

String of hearts
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As I was writing in my journal the other night, this list just started pouring out of my heart. I would love it if you would add on your comments too. Or feel free to link up to this post and blog about it yourself...

Love People
  • with reckless abandon
  • uncomfortably
  • who malign you
  • who you might not naturally be your friend
  • who don't "deserve it" -- because you probably don't either
  • who inspire you
  • who are broken
  • in uncommon ways
  • by being real
  • because you never know all of their story
  • because life is meaningless with loving kindness
  • without an agenda
  • because people are not projects

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