Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why We Homeschool? {Day 22}

I'll raise my right hand here at the get-go and confess up front that for most of my life I have been guilty of judging the entire idea of homeschooling. It didn't help matters any when Jeremy and I attended our very first home school convention in Indianapolis in 2008 and saw one particular momma-hen walking around in her denim jumper wearing a fanny pack that held her knitting supplies so that she could keep stitchin' while her brood (of stereotypically socially maladjusted children) trailed behind in a single-file line. Incredibly, that encounter didn't sway me nearly as much as the overwhelming evidence that, contrary to my presuppositions, Momma Hen was now the minority-- everyone else, well, we seemed to have an awfully lot in common. We left that convention excited-- and maybe a bit overwhelmed-- to begin our homeschooling journey.

When Peyton was four, we began doing "school" at home. I ordered a much-too-robust preschool curriculum, so we pared that down and threw in a few other resources that I really liked, and 1-2-3 our homeschooling journey began.

Fast forward to our move to Texas in May 2010. Peyton was on the cusp of Kindergarten when we learned about a little school run by YWAM (Youth With A Mission). We prayed about what do to-- and I labored over the decision all summer long, but ultimately we felt like sending him there for a year was the right move for our family. And we are soooo glad that we did! It was a phenomenal year.

So, you ask, "Why are we even discussing homeschooling again if you adored Peyton's school?" (FYI, I'm sitting here with my seam ripper and a sewing project alternating between typing and ripping...maybe I AM one of those "weird" homeschooling families after all. YIPES!)

Well, the answer is simple: It's just what we feel is the very best fit for our family at this season in our lives. We aren't opposed to private schools-- and we aren't opposed to public schools. For Jeremy and I, we just want the best fit for each member of our family during each season that we walk through. Different seasons may well bring different schooling options. But for now, we're about to dive into 1st grade and preschool at the Smith house this year. Thankfully, the Lord has surrounded this decision with the sweetest peace that I've felt in quite a while. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to spend this season with them (and I was thankful for the season of someone else pouring into Peyton last year).

As we gear up for the next school year, I'll post more about our curriculum choices, projects that we tackle, how in the world I'm going to organize our home school/family/work priorities, etc. It'll be fun to keep track of it all on here.

Can you believe that it's almost time for school again?! Yeah, me neither! What are your school year plans?

And for your amusement...what homeschooling post would be complete without this?


  1. HEY. Nothing wrong with denim jumpers. They are exponentially better than daisy duke shorts and cleavage revealing tank tops. :) I appreciate such beauty and modesty.

    Thanks for the homeschool post! We are loving homeschooling! The kids and I are all so happy and like you, at such peace. What a privilege to have our kids at home with us, and to be the ones to mold their minds and shape their hearts together with the Lord! I pray your homeschool is full of joy and love!

  2. I just ordered the curriculum for our first year of homeschooling and I'm sooo nervous, but I KNOW that this is what God wants us to do right now. Glad to know I'm not alone!!

  3. I was homeschooled! It definitely had its pros and cons, but most of the cons came when I got near High School age my mom just sort of "gave up" unannounced. Needless to say, I was NOT efficiently prepared for college and neither of my brothers even went to college. Thankfully, my ambitiously self-fixing personality kicked me into gear to get myself better at college, tests, studying, etc....

    Long story short... I liked being home schooled because WE WERE SOCIALIZED and not raised to be awkward.... but I wish my mom had made even the tiniest effort (or placed me in public school) when I reached the High School years... :)

  4. Lacy~ Lol...true story. Jumpers can be cute, I'm sure. Maybe just give'em a lil flair. ;) I'm so excited for your journey too. It's wonderful to love what you're doing in life-- and I know that the adventure you are on is such a perfect fit for the Haugan family. Love and miss you guys!!!

  5. Rachel~ I am SO EXCITED for you! What ages are your girls now? Is there a specific curriculum that you guys are going to use? It is an adventure, but sooo worth it!

  6. Tasha~ I had no idea that you were home schooled. (That's good, right?!) ;) We definitely want to remain open to always doing what is best for our kiddos, which means that if we're getting burnt out on being teachers, then we need to get them with someone who isn't.

    I appreciate your insight so much. One of the biggest reasons that we decided to go the homeschooling route was encountering an incredible family whose children were in our youth group. Please chime in with tips or ideas along the way! :D