Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Peyton-isms {Day 23}

(This is taken from an email that I sent out to close friends and family on Peyton's awards day back in May...enjoy!) Warning: It's long...but so worth the read!

Today was Peyton's "awards day" which officially marked his very last day in Reading Class (kindergarten). After we left the ceremony and opened up the packet that was given to him with his awards, we discovered what was probably one of the most treasured gifts that we could ever receive-- a whole book of quotes from the kids in his class! Because Peyton really does say the darnedest things, the majority of the quotations include him. I thought that you would all enjoy experiencing just a tiny bit of what his incredible teacher, Miss Martindale, encountered each and every day.

n's year at Christian Heritage School far exceeded what we could have ever hoped or prayed for in a school for Peyton. He learned self-governance and discipline. Most importantly, he was genuinely loved by his teacher. It was incredible to watch Peyton and his classmates learn the word of God and plant it deep in their hearts. When one student struggled, they encouraged each other, prayed over each other and choose to work together to see each other succeed. Wow! We have been blessed. His year at CHS alone was worth the move across the country.

I can't believe that as of this afternoon, Peyton is officially in the first grade! Time flies much too quickly. (Sniff...sniff...) But without further ado, I'll leave you with some comedic reading for your enjoyment!

Peyton’s Reading Class Quotes:

Peyton to Miss Martindale on the first day of school—“Since you’re from another country, and you’re a missionary, we’ll go easy on you!”

After Miss Martindale told Peyton to do something:

Peyton: “Yes ma’am.” Then, looking up at her, “Do you feel real respected?”

Peyton: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for His populations.”

Peyton: “My prayer request is that I’ll get to go the bathroom soon!”

Peyton: “I want to pray that nobody will die and that when I die I will go to a new world!”

Miss Martindale: “Which world is that?”

Peyton: “Narnia!

Miss Martindale to Peyton: “You need to do a good job writing your letters so that you will get a good grade in penmanship.”

Peyton: “Yeah, and so that I can go to a good college.”

Peyton: “I’m a philosopher.”

Peyton: “My prayer request is that I’ll stay six for a really really long time!”

After reading a funny story about a girl who found a kangaroo, a llama and other animals in her bed:

Franklin: “If that happened to me, I would call the exterminator!”

Peyton: “If there were a million trillion animals in my house, I would ask Parker to do ballet for them!”

Peyton: “When I was a baby in my mom’s tummy, God knew that I would like a trampoline ‘cause I jumped up and down so much—but I couldn’t jump too high because something was stuck to my belly button!”

Peyton to Miss Martindale: “I know what you can do so that you won’t have to come all the way to us every time we have a problem at nap time. We could have a walkie talkie at each spot (then, in an imaginary walkie-talkie official voice) ‘Hello, Miss Martindale.’”

While discussing Matthew 25:31-46

Peyton: “Is it really talking about sheep and goats? ‘Cus in my mind I see a sheep that can talk standing up and letting Jesus in a door.”

Mrs. Whetzel: “What did you notice about Jamaica?”
: “Nobody needs to have a swimming pool because everybody’s house is by the water.”

While reading Charlotte’s Web:

Peyton: “I’m glad he [Wilber] is going to die—because he tastes so good!”

Peyton: “There are little printer dots on here (his coloring sheet) and I’m using them as snowflakes.”

While playing “Guess the Animal” in response to “Is it a mammal?”

Peyton: “It’s nothing. It doesn’t do anything. It’s kinda creepy. But it’s alive and real.”

What was it? The top of a cave! (Guess we’ve been watching too much Planet Earth at the Smith house)

Peyton: “I know what I’ll give my dad for Valentine’s Day! I’ll ask his boss if he can stay home for two whole weeks.”

While watching Miss Martindale eat an apple:

Peyton: “I sure wish I could try one of those, but I’m scared to.”

Peyton: “My dad told me today why girls like flowers…but I don’t think I’ll tell you right now because it’s complicated and I might get embarrassed.”

Miss Johnston- “What was Charlotte’s triumph?”

Peyton: “He saved Wilbur from the knife—actually the big huge axe!”

Peyton: (about why he doesn’t like love stories) “I don’t like that because it’s not boy stuff.”

Miss Martindale: “Well, didn’t your dad fall in love and get married?”

Peyton: “No—well, I don’t even know ‘cause I was in my mom’s belly, but I think they were just friends.”

While discussing a boy who was Miss Whetzel’s reading class student over 15 years ago:

Peyton: “I’m really good at smells, and I think he sat here…And was he good at drawing? ‘Cause on the metal down here on my desk, there is a drawing—and I didn’t do it.”

Miss Martindale: “Do you smell him?”

Peyton: “No, but I think so.”

While spelling the word “love”:

Peyton: “My dad told me that we should talk about love until we’re older. ‘Cause it shouldn’t be talked about in front of kids.”

Peyton: “The Bible is God’s college because it tells us what to do.”

Holding up a Gideon Bible:

Peyton: “Don’t worry if you lose all your Bibles Miss Martindale!”

Peyton: “I’m sure that I’ll be president someday.”

Peyton: “I know what it’s like to be an orphan…really, I do! When I was in my mom’s tummy, I didn’t know that I had parents. I didn’t even know that I was in the world! I thought I was an alien!”

About a John the Baptist movie:

Peyton: “Don’t show us the movie about him anymore because he’s scary. He has poufy hair and he wears animal skins.”

When asked what they thought Jesus meant by “You will be fishers of men”:

Ravi: “Maybe it means that they would catch people in their nets.”

Peyton: “Maybe it means that they would catch a random scuba diver!”

Peyton: “When I go to heaven will I still have a chance to aggravate my sister?”

Miss Martindale: “His name is Gaddafi and we should pray for him.”

Peyton: “I know who else we can pray for... Owaka Bama!”

Peyton: “I have information for you [Miss Johnston] and Miss Martindale. When I am in first grade I will always live at…(then he proceeds to give turn-by-turn directions to his house and tell us his address the best he could)”


  1. That is so wonderful and so funny. I was laughing out loud here alone in my living room. What a blessing to you! Thanks for sharing! He's a hoot!

  2. This one was my favorite!! LOL!

    Peyton: (about why he doesn’t like love stories) “I don’t like that because it’s not boy stuff.”

    Miss Martindale: “Well, didn’t your dad fall in love and get married?”

    Peyton: “No—well, I don’t even know ‘cause I was in my mom’s belly, but I think they were just friends.”

  3. He reminds me of a little Jeremy. But even better. Miss you guys!!