Saturday, July 16, 2011

Best of Intentions {Day 8}

I had the very best of intentions tonight. One of my two "Best Emily's" (aka, my best friend since we spent a month together in Israel in the summer of 2000) moved back to Dallas from Michigan today. What a sweet blessing for my heart!

Tonight we drove into Dallas to spend the night celebrating our reunion!

I'll write more about it later...when I'm not typing an update from my Droid. I had EVERY INTENTION of taking a great picture of the two of us and then blogging about it. In the end, we talked so much that I completely forgot about pictures. :(

In the meantime, this is my post.

(edited to add: ummm...obviously this didn't post last night. grr...does it count that I wrote it? Day 9 will come today-- pinky promise!)

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