Thursday, July 14, 2011

Silence Rule {Day 7}

We do this little thing in the car. It's nothing short of a miracle, really.

When the kids start getting just a little too obnoxious annoying *ahem* loud, we just call out "SILENCE RULE!"

[crickets chirping]

[more crickets]

You get the point. They stop talking. It's magical. If only we could get that same reaction to spill over into every other parenting disciplinary approach, it would be a miracle.

In any case, I'm calling "Silence Rule" for myself today. Between blogging, writing, researching curricula for next year and sneaking in a little Pinterest (which honestly hasn't been very much because, quite frankly, it goes a little too slow sometimes and I get antsy), I'm going to take a day away from the computer.

My Aunt Angie is helping my dad with my parents' final move back to Indiana from San Antonio tomorrow. Mom is already up there, so my aunt graciously volunteered for moving duty. Bless her heart.

Anyhow, they are going to stop here in Lindale for the night, so I'm off to grocery shop and then do a little housework before they roll in. It'll be nice to step out of my everyday routine for a bit. Then, joy of all bestest friend from my TM year is moving to Dallas on Saturday. Of course, we have to go see her immediately! I'm SO SO thankful. God is precious. Sometimes I'm not so much [precious]. It's a good thing that one of us is always solid. ;)

Anyhow, signing off until Saturday. Have a joy-filled weekend!


  1. "Silence Rule", what a great idea! How in the world did you ever get them to do that? I pray you have a great "silence rule" day of your own.
    P.S. I've really enjoyed your post this week! I for one am glad you've committed to 30 days of posting.

  2. Rachel -

    I don't know how we got them to do it...I just said it one day and just like that...silence.


  3. I recently decided to take weekends off from the least the expectation of blogging on the weekends. It's been good.