Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Tuesday! {Day 4}

It's Tuesday.

If you happen to follow Kari Jobe on Twitter, you know that she cheerfully tweets, "I Love Tuesday!" each week. It always brightens my day. It makes me smile.

And you know what?!

I love Tuesday too (well, maybe not every Tuesday, but today's been good so far)! Here's what I love about today.

1. I finally joined Pinterest. I haven't set up any of my pinboards or even started pinning (I mentioned yesterday on FB that I was afraid it would suck me in like a giant creative black hole). Nevertheless, I took the plunge. Tonight after dinner, family time, baths and bedtime-- you'll probably find me pinning away. If you want to follow my pinboards, just click here!

2. I also joined Google+. Shhh...Don't tell Facebook, but I think that I already like it better. It's still a desert, but I have a feeling that the masses will come. You can create your own circles. I mean, GENIUS! Not all of my friends want to hear about my fabric obsession, but some of you do-- so you'll be in my "creative" circle. Some of you want to hear about our heart for adoption, but my chiropractor might not-- so I'd add her to my "following" or "acquaintance" circle. You get the picture, right? Well, I think it's awesome. It's still only available via invite. So, if you want to check it out, let me know and I'll send you an invitation. Just don't get scared off because it feels so empty right now. Give it time. (I do somewhat feel like I'm having a secret affair and I don't want FB to find out)

3. I'm going out to dinner with my family. That is *always* a fun way to spend an evening!

4. (I almost forgot!) I worked some more on Parker's scrappy quilt. It's scraptastic and super simple...but it will be fun once it's done!

I'll get back to my "On Vision" series soon, but enjoy the break from the serious today. Happy Pinning and..."Google+-ing?" There HAS to be a better way to say that! ;)


  1. Happy Tuesday, my friend. If it counts for much, I like hearing everything you have to say. So feel free to stick me in the, "She loves me, and she's cares about *all* of my life" circle. :)

  2. Cute quilt in the making. And yes pinterest is addictive but so so so inspiring.