Monday, July 11, 2011

On Vision- Part 2 {Day 3}

My dreams grew and grew. Women's ministry. Speaking throughout the country. Traveling. Writing. Climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. Doing something/anything/everything bigger than myself. All of these ideas hovered just slightly beyond my grasp, yet close enough to taste. But those hurdles didn't matter, I felt empowered. More than just feeling empowered, I was destined to fulfill a mandate because I was responding to a charge:

Change the world.

(But not my world or the world within my reach-- because that vision wouldn't be enough, would it? Would it?)

Heal hurts. Affect change. Facilitate HUGE life altering, earth shattering ways. That's what I was taught. It was my sole measurement for success. If I didn't pursue those dreams, did I lack vision? What I didn't know then, in all of my teenage glory, was that I was handed a license to dream freely without the compasses of wisdom, perspective or temperance.

I navigated my way through college, marriage and welcoming our son into the world just six short months after I had my Bachelor's degree in hand. And on that first night at home with our soft and sweet baby boy, the glaring hot spotlights on every dream and every vision that I had ever regarded as the only noteworthy "callings" for my life began to flicker and dim.


  1. Do you know what I find *most* interesting about our friendship? Everything you dreamed of throughout college and early adulthood is what I feel called to now. Everything I dreamed of throughout college and early adulthood is what you feel called to now.

    I feel a long, long e-mail coming on. :) Without a hubby this week, it's very likely that one will pop up in your inbox soon.

    Such an odd life He ascribes to each one...

  2. I am with you on this! My dreams and vision as a 18-19 year old have not "come true" but I still feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I have been pondering this lately - the idea that doing something great doesn't have to look so American.... That you can affect change one person at a time and still be "with vision." I've been wondering lately if the vision needed for the "people to not perish" is simply eyes to view the world the way Jesus does... to see each and every individual person in the beauty and wonder that God sees them and to love and serve them accordingly.... Hmm....