Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Vision- Part 3 {Day 6}

Let's wrap this up today.

I'm not actually "done" with this topic, in fact, my thoughts on vision are still in the early [re]formative stage. A few years ago, I would have slapped you with my opinion like a 1-2 punch. Agree or disagree, I thought I had this idea down for the count.

What I've learned: I simply don't.

Vision isn't the destination or the finality of your dream. Vision is your view as you travel along on your journey.

Fulfilling your "vision" isn't the moment when your talent lands you at the top. It's feeling the wind in your hair as you keep running forward.

I've found that striving for the final goal keeps me from walking with purpose today, because it's "end-game or bust." But that's such a lie.

If you're dream is to be a missionary. Don't sit at home until you finally have the opportunity to pack it all up and move to Guatemala. Be a missionary in the midst of your ordinary-everyday life. Really. That is NOT a cop out. I used to think that it was. I was WRONG. It's not. More people need your touch than just the ones waiting at the finish line, even though the people at the end are equally important- and trust me, I'm cheering you on every step of the way!

So you wanna be a writer? Start writing. Blog. Journal. Freelance. Volunteer your talents. Just keep doing what you love. Fall in love with the process, not the finished product. If the book deal comes, awesome! Just remember that arriving at your goal isn't the same as arriving at the destination. Because what's left if your motivation has nothing to do with the love of the experience, but rather the exhilaration of the prize? Really, then what next?

It's OK to take one step at a time. It's OK to let the seasons of your life shape your dreams.

We want to adopt eventually. That's a dream of ours. But more importantly, we are learning to care about the orphans crisis. We're not willing to sit back and believe that bringing our precious one home is the beginning and end of our heart-dreams. We can do something now. We can advocate for others. We can help raise funds. We can pray. We can listen to stories. We can allow our hearts to keep growing. If all that mattered to us was bringing home "our" child, well, frankly, I think we would have missed the point of this dream.

And I think that we did. For a far too long, we simply missed THE point. Our "big" dreams minimized the simple act of living well and with intention. And the by-product of that compromised opinion minimized other people who didn't appear to dream "big enough" from our limited view. Oh how my heart grieves our wrong attitudes.

Our vision, for to keep moving forward. To quite literally BeChange and LiveLove-- right where we are via whatever vehicles the Lord chooses.

Let your vision motivate you, but don't wait until you're at the finish line to determine your worth. You are oh so precious...just as you are.


  1. Amen Kirsten! I concur. (I read lovelyn's comment about not commenting on a blog - so I figured I'd better chime in :)


  2. Yep, yep, yep. So agree. SO agree. Keep the blogs coming lady!! So proud of you ;-)

  3. You said it so well! Keep your eyes on Him...I sure do love you.

  4. Well said. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  5. :) I love this.

    (Sorry I'm just now getting caught up. We had a whirlwind wedding weekend!)